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Sharing the Wealth

As a 9-5, five-days-a-week designer, I sometimes take for granted some of the sites that I know exist and use often. Today's post is simply a list of some of the sites I frequent most to get jobs done.

Fontshop is probably the best place to search for typography. It may not be the cheapest, but they offer some of the best ways to search through and browse for fonts. There are other fun things about the site like staff picks, best sellers and and other type resources that will educate you in your use of typography.

Kuler is a fun site to look through colour combinations to get your mind and your eye in the right place for whatever design project you may be working on. Sometimes colour can be tricky to work with so seeing many palettes and combinations can help get you to the best solution.

Webcreme is my favourite place to go and browse through sites to get inspired to design. It is regularly updated with new sites and like Kuler, can help you get into the right frame of mind before beginning a web design.

The FWA is a really fun place to browse through sites that push the envelope. The sites are heavier on loading time but are really nice and intriguing. If you're wanting to do something out of the ordinary this is a great place to go and whet your appetite.

Dreamstime is currently the stock photography site of choice for Electricurrent. The prices are reasonable and the search methods offered are really good for getting accurate search results. We have used other sites that let some users abuse tagging which makes for really frustrating search results but Dreamstime seems to have that under control.

So there's some great resources that I enjoy using. I hope they are of benefit to you as well.