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Less is More

This term is no longer new, but we feel it still applies to many of our clients, and we want to reinforce this encouragement with you.

There are two aspects to consider in terms of your website content.

The first is the actual amount of content on the website. Many clients feel the need to be everything to everyone and cover every unique type of user that may come across their site. While I understand the heart of it (you don’t want to miss anyone), what typically happens is you may end up alienating the majority of your users by overwhelming them, or having them just lose interest.

For example, AdvancedMinistry/BarkBuilder offers the ability to feature items on your homepage below the main banner. Too often we see users who have maybe three columns, and each column has anywhere from 3 items and over. This might be overkill. Why even have navigation menus if your content is all on the homepage? The homepage is a way to welcome the user, highlight a few key items and provide convenient ways to access additional information. Not to display all of your content.

The second perspective on your content is what you’re actually saying. Is it straight to the point? Or are you taking up two Microsoft Word pages to describe a knitting event from three years ago? I’m not advocating writing in a way that reaches the lowest common denominator. I’m advocating that you write in a way that is actually smarter by being more efficient.

People have less time (or think they have less) to read through piles of content. Get right to the point and mitigate any chance of losing reader interest.