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Posted by Ray Majoran

We are pleased to announce a number of substantial updates to the functionality within AdvancedMinistry blogs.

1. You can now create categories. For every blog post that you make, you can put it in as many categories as you want. On the front-end of your website, users are now able to browse by category as well. To add/edit categories, login, click on “Edit My Blogs”, click on “Manage your blog categories”.

2. You can now feature your posts on the front page of your website (like WordPress). You have the option to enter your own custom or let the system generate one for you. To modify your homepage settings, login, click on “Edit My Blogs” and adjust the settings under “BLOG OPTIONS (for 3.0+ templates)”.

3. You will also see (when you check out #2) that we've included graphical calendar icons to spice up each post. You can choose your calendar color and font color.

4. In your blog, we've put the archived months in a pull-down menu to simplify the page. We've also, updated the RSS feed button to be more current.

5. You can now manage a spam blacklist to block out key words from being posted in your Comments field. (Obviously you can still keep your comments moderated so that they don't get posted without your approval, but this makes managing spam a little easier.)

6. Improved the way in which comments are moderated.