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Balancing your Passion

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Your passion can drive you to do great things. It can also drive you and everyone around you crazy.

There are so many people that do amazing things and have amazing stories that stem from their passion. A passion for the music. A passion for travel. A passion for ending poverty. In each of these areas and many more, there are examples of people who put legs to their passion and it's resulted in the accomplishment of incredible feats.

But your passion can also lead to you run down a path with blinders on, not aware of the people, circumstances and to-do's around you that still need your attention while you chase down your dreams and convictions

Often the ironic truth is that those people, circumstances and to-do's that you ignore in pursuit of your passion, are ignored to the detriment of executing well (or at all) on your passion itself.

So run with your passion, but check yourself often to make sure that you're not dropping the ball in other areas...finding and keeping balance in pursuit of your passion.