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Posted by Brian Klassen

CrayonsIn my career, I have witnessed decisions being made on a constant basis. Some decisions that almost seemed prophetic and others not even being made with a ounce of intelligence.


As I reflect, it seems to me that many of our decisions are made in the heat of battle. You might be saying at this point, that is impossible to avoid. My response is: most of the time it can be.

I would suggest that planning is the key. Take the time to think about issues before they occur so when the time comes, crazy emotions do not wield the biggest stick. Let me be clear, emotions are not a bad thing, however when making decisions under the influence, clarity and reason are usually thrown out the window.

This is but one more reason to include professionals in your business or ministry. A professional should walk you through a sound, planning process resulting in non-emotional decisions based on the facts...your brand.

Now, remember, I didn't say emotions should not be involved. After all, if there is no emotional connection to what you are trying to accomplish, why are you doing it? I look at emotions as the crayons of life. A skilled practitioner can add beauty and life, however a less disciplined practitioner will be coloring way outside the lines making a mess of the entire scenario.