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Many Parts of the Whole

Posted by Brian Klassen

A few weekends ago, our family got together for a family reunion (actually, my wife's family). Her mother, who has passed away, is from a family of 12 brothers and 1 sister. As we sat down and watched an actual slide show with a projector, we laughed and many stories were told including how they managed to not only survive, but flourish and set up a legacy which will last for a long, long time.

They talked about the division of tasks. Half of them were responsible for inside tasks while the other half were responsible for outside tasks. Although the boys who were assigned inside tasks where not necessarily overjoyed with the assignment of work normally performed by women in those days, their contribution not only helped the family be successful, but taught them great lessons and skills they used in their work careers and family raising careers. (all very successful)

So what am I trying to say and what would I like to discuss with you?

Lets discuss our God given abilities (roles) and how they can help not only our communities, churches and families, but also the personal joy we will experience when doing what we were created to do.

So often we want what other people have (talent and things) but don't realize that without our specific talents, the communities we are involved in are less than they could be.

Experience family, work, church, community to their fullest. Leave a legacy of living life like God intended. Be the best you that you can possibly be.

P.S. I'm hoping you can see how this applies to communicating the amazing message of Jesus Christ.