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To-Do's and Stop-Do's

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

In these incredibly hectic and fast-paced times, it's clear to me that it has, and is, becoming more and more difficult to manage the tasks that a person has to do in a day. Ironically, I also see a real aversion in people to do the simple things that will help them manage their task lists. For instance, something as ridiculously simple as writing your tasks down and assigning due dates to them.

That in and of itself is a hurdle to overcome. But when you get to the point where you've got that mastered, the other thing to consider is a new concept that I'd never considered before but heard from popular author Jim Collins. The concept is to create a to-do list and then in concert with that, generate a stop-do list. Brilliant!

Too many of us are doing too many things and as a result, most of us aren't doing anything as well as we could if we were to bear down, simplify and get the job done right. We have been and continue to foster a culture of “I can do that!”, which is a wonderfully positive attitude and a absolutely impossible promise to fulfill as often as we say it.

How does this relate to communications? Simply put, if you're too busy to do what's on your plate, things suffer and everything you do contributes to the brand of your organization. If you are too busy to run your ministry well, volunteers will suffer. If you are too busy to connect with your clients on a regular basis and be open to new work, customer relationships will break down. If you are too busy to stop and think strategically about how your organization communicates, it either won't communicate anything or it will communicate the wrong thing.

Being too busy has massive implications on your brand and the quality of what it is that you are called to do in your day-to-day work.

Establish a to-do list and then figure out which of those items needs to be on your stop-do list. Then get on with doing everything that's on your plate with a true commitment to quality and excellence.