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Canada Day 2010

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Canadian FlagAnyone who knows me knows that I frequently refer to myself as being Dutch. I'm also a fan of soccer and so this World Cup has been a good one for me thus far and I've made a habit of flying my Dutch flags from my car on game days.

But the truth is, although I am extremely proud of my Dutch heritage and will continue to be despite what happens on the pitch tomorrow versus Brazil, as I sit here at my desk on Canada Day drinking...yes...a Tim Horton's coffee, I think of the country I live in today.

A country that my parents immigrated to and formed a new life in; a country of peace; a country of opportunity; a country formed from a beautiful tapestry of varied cultures where many flags can be flown during the World Cup; a country that is so very blessed...and I'm nothing but thankful.

May God indeed, truly keep our land glorious and free.

Happy Canada Day!