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Hopeful Communications

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Email GraphicEmail newsletters confuse me. More specifically, the blind allegiance that many organizations show towards email newsletters as a primary means of communication is confounding.

Don't get me wrong, email newsletters can be an effective tool, but they have their place (strengths and weaknesses) and it's important to recognize that.

Today I read this article. It's truly worth your time to give it a read as it is six quick paragraphs that will have an important impact on your thinking around electronic marketing and communications.

The one quote in that article that really caught my attention was: “Email...is based on hope. Hope that the message gets through, hope that the recipient is there, hope that they open it and hope that they return the message.”

I love that quote. Email is a challenging medium. One with few guarantees, lots of competing 'noise' and little control over. So why would you opt to put all your eggs in that basket when other means are available that provide more immediate and more measurable feedback?

The last two lines in this article say it best:

“These findings also have significant implications for those businesses that rely on email marketing for some or all of their business. These companies should be evaluating to see if social media platforms are an effective method for distributing their message.”