Case #MMM017 - Court Adjourned? - Radiant

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This week I am looking for some reader feedback. I would like to know if any of you out there have been finding the Monday Morning Misdemeanors useful or interesting. I have been writing these for over four months now and want to know if it is time to bang the gavel and move on.

So far I have written about a number of issues ranging across almost all facets of design. I am by no means out of ideas, but this blog is for you, the readers.

I have been thinking if MMM has run its course for the time being, I could change gears and start writing some "how to's" for custom template design in the AdvancedMinistry ("AM") 3.0 backend. There are a lot of creative ideas that can be leveraged to make interesting and different template designs that will make your site standout.

Oftentimes, when we design a template we are sort of restricted in what we can do because our sites need to work for anyone that might want to use it. These ideas don't just go away and I have been thinking that I could use Xpiritmental as a means of getting the word out. Our AM product is really flexible and when you put your mind to it there is quite a lot you can do with it from a design perspective.

So the question for the week is; does MMM keep going or do I step out of the court room and into the class room and start teaching design for the AM product? Let me know. I want your say. After all, I am writing for you.