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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

The title of this blog post is actually a quote from a presentation by Steve Uzzell.

Steve is a professional photographer and has shot for many big name corporations, including having done editorial for National Geographic, Time and Newsweek...so here's a guy that knows what he's doing with a camera and specializes in capturing moments of magic in an image.

Have you ever looked through a National Geographic and thought to yourself: How are these photographers always in the right place at the right time to get shots like this?

Let me tell you that it isn't luck...it's preparation. Or better yet, let Steve himself be the example.

Maryland Bridge

Take Steve's shot above of a Maryland bridge. He scouted this location for a few days searching for the right spot to get a good angle on the bridge. Then he went home and in the subsequent days, called the national weather service and other resources to learn about and determine the exact moment in the coming weeks/months that he would need to be in his location of choice in order to capture the shot he had envisioned...as seen above.

And then the magic happened. In all of his research and planning, Steve could have never planned and known that at that moment, two trucks would lumber across the bridge and find themselves both back-dropped by the burning sunset in the background.

Steve's preparation led to magic.

It strikes me that so many people today tend to believe that magic just 'happens'. You know what I mean...that moment of brilliance where someone comes up with an amazing idea, a worship service goes incredibly well or a video goes viral. And while some of those things do just somehow happen, more often than not, those magic moments we encounter come as a result of a lot of groundwork laid prior to the event.

And since we can't count on the magic to happen, it just makes sense to do the preparation. The happy side-effect is that you'll find yourself encountering the magic more often when you do.