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Posted by Brian Klassen

I've got a question for all our readers. How do you measure success within a church or ministry?

It seems to me that the more technical and advanced we get, the more every little thing has to be measured because we can. For example, if we are developing a new brand direction for a client, they want to know that brand awareness numbers are being effected positively along with sales.

If we build a new website for a client, they want to know how many people are coming to the site, where people are going on the site and how long they are staying (along with many other metrics).

Do we do the same with church? Do we take attendance to measure how well our church is doing? Do we count the offering/donations to measure how effective our programs are? Do we count how many baptisms we've had to measure God's movement in the church.

People want to know. I want to know. Help me out and share what you are doing in this measurable society.

By the way, I will be measuring the success of this post by how many people respond.