Case #MMM007 - Photoshop Realism or Lack Thereof - Radiant

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I am going to attempt to cover a fairly large topic, but to do so I will need a few weeks to be properly thorough with it. The issue on the docket this week is “Photoshop realism”. There are a lot of people that have access to Adobe Photoshop and have read some tutorials or experimented a little, but that leaves them far from “knowing” how to use Photoshop properly. Over the next few weeks I am going to examine some of the areas that are common stumbling blocks which ultimately impede the efforts of many well intentioned designers.

This week, a co-worker sent me the image/comic in this post and it had me laughing for half a day. In the comics last frame, Neo has aptly demonstrated some of the most common errors that I will devote entire posts to. Some of the topics to follow will include:

  • Lighting Issues
  • Perspective Problems
  • Thoughtless Cloning and Patching
  • Clumsy Compositions
  • Cropping and Extraction Faux Pas

Please keep in mind that as we go forward through this mini-series, my intent is not to make fun of anyone or be critical in a harsh way. My intent is to help people avoid little pitfalls along the way of their branding efforts. The last thing you want is to finish a piece of work and release it to the public, only to see it gaining attention for the wrong reasons.

Come back next Monday to learn about how critical lighting is to pulling off proper Photoshop work.