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Posted by Ray Majoran

In preparation for Easter, we have launched our latest AdvancedMinistry template -- "Mocked to Crowned". The design begins with a hand-drawn image of the mockery that Jesus received and then proceeds to show the subsequent scenes, finally leading to Jesus being crowned with glory and honor (Hebrews 2:9). You can view a preview of the animation sequence here.

Mocked, Crucified, Died, Rose, Crowned.

As usual, all AM 3.0 templates are fully customizable including the ability to change the number of columns, colors, fonts, etc. If you would like to use an enhanced version of your home page, edit your template, click the Layout Tab and choose "Show All Columns (Enhanced Home Page)". Resource files for the new template can be found in the "Download Materials" menu under "Template Resource Files".

To change your template at any time, login to your AdvancedMinistry account and select “Choose My Template”.