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Monday Morning Misdemeanors is a series of weekly posts written by Graphic Designer, Derek Gyssels. In this series, Derek is going to hone in on a number of common problems that crop up in graphic designs and then give you the tools to avoid them which will give your designs a professional polish.

MisrepresentationThis is a crime we face quite often in our office when working on print projects. Many times we will be working on a project and a client will have some photography they want utilized. We say; “Great, please send it!” When it arrives, the fun begins.

A while ago I wrote a post on this call Resolution Revelation which I recommend you read to get the bulk of what you need to know about this matter.

But in short, all you really need to know is one thing. If you are wanting to use any images (jpg or tiff) and the file size is under 500KB in size you are in jeopardy of committing this crime. This is especially true if your wanting to use the image(s) at a large size. But if you want to be safe, 1-2 MB is best to start with. Really at the end of the day any image can be used, how good the finished piece looks is the only thing that will suffer.

So before you send images to a designer or agency to be used, look at the file size and gauge if the quality is good enough. If your still not sure, open the image and be sure to look at it at 100% the size. If you can see individual pixels or any blurriness, you will need to find a better picture(s).