Great Quotes - Volume 6 - Radiant

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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

"The early 2000's will go down as the MC Hammer of decades. It started out all confident and flash, and ended in bankruptcy. Then came the grunge era. The global economic meltdown might give us the distance we need to fully absorb the absurdity of dog jewelry, pimped rides and man-made island resorts in the desert. As a generation of young people cope with the double-digit unemployment, they might embrace a new set of values that are a break from the past. A break from status that can be bought and mortgaged. People may once again start looking for things that are 'real'. Status may once again have to be earned. I'm already seeing a lot of people wearing plaid."

- Barry Quinn, executive creative director, brand design, Juniper Park

I love this quote. In no small part because plaid is in fact, making a comeback.