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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

For the last couple of days I've been carrying a cold around with me and among the other unpleasantness of a good virus, the one thing most noticable over the last day and a half has been the fact that I lose my voice if I talk for a while.

It gets frustrating too for a guy who's job it is to communicate all day. But my situation pales in comparison to what I just read about film critic, Roger Ebert and the cool new technology in his life. Click here to check it out.

Once you get back from visiting, reading and viewing that link, I'm guessing at least some of you are also immediately thankful for the voice that you take for granted each and every day...and it's true, we all do it. Our voices are an amazing tool for us to communicate with and we take for granted that it will always be there...that we'll always have a chance to use that wonder of communication to clearly convey the thoughts that we want to.

But what if you were to lose it? What if you weren't able to communicate using your voice anymore? Would you regret how you had used it when you had it? Would you wish you'd done more with it?

I think the same attitude needs to be taken with all our communications, personal and organizational. Don't treat what and how you communicate as just something that's a throw away. Value it. Treat it with respect by communicating well. Don't let neglect lead you to regret. We have a plethora of communication options these days - let's use them for all their worth to communicate the greatness of our God and His calling in our lives!