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Posted by Ray Majoran

As a follow-up post to my blog entry last week entitled Google Buzz, you may want to use caution before diving right in. According to ZdNet, a popular internet news source, Google has really dropped the ball when it comes to privacy in its first Buzz release. Here is a quote from the article:

“Ever since questions about how safe your personal information is with Google Buzz started to pop up, it’s pretty much all that people talk about on the subject. That, and how to disable it that is.

This release of Google Buzz has started off badly, and when that happens, the barrier to adoption is significantly raised. The service may be cool, or useful, but all that people think about now is how unsafe it is, and make decisions based on those feelings.

Google has already taken some steps to make it better in reaction to what has happened, but I’m not sure anything they do is really going to help. Their best bet would be to take down the service, step back and analyze what has happened, and do a re-launch.”

You can read the full article here.