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Getting Real

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

One of the things that we often find ourselves encouraging our clients to do is to be true to their brand. Or in other words, to be true to themselves. It's an important reminder that we all need at times because we tend to get off track.

Our modern church culture is such that many smaller churches look to the model churches like Willow Creek, Mosaic, North Point, Mars Hill, Hillsong and for inspiration in their activities and approaches to ministry.

But while looking to those churches for inspiration is a fine idea, you need to always be asking yourself the hard question: "Does what I'm looking at taking away from these other church communities fit who we (your church community) are?"

That can be a tough question because the answer might force you to abandon something that you personally are really attached to and excited about. But those kinds of bigger picture checks and balances will serve to keep you on track, doing things that your community will excel in because the play or the song the outreach activity or the small group structure is representative of who you are.

This is what our world needs to see. Church communities that are being real.

But to be real to those outside the church, we first have to get real with ourselves.