Introducing AM's Business Model: BarkBuilder - Radiant

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Posted by Ray Majoran

For years we've been getting asked by people as to whether or not we have a business version of AdvancedMinistry. Well the wait is finally over! Introducing BarkBuilder (beta), AdvancedMinistry's business platform. With BarkBuilder, entrepreneurs can now use the power behind AdvancedMinistry in their businesses!

BarkBuilder is named after Electricurrent's sister company, Bark Communications. Whereas Electricurrent (the creators of AdvancedMinistry) focus on building brands for ministries, Bark Communications focuses on building brands for businesses. Both companies employ the same group of people; it's simply two different marketing arms.

To view BarkBuilder, visit From there, select an industry -- “Business Edition” will be the one you want. (We are currently in the process of forming partnerships in different industries so that we can offer specific versions of the platform to each industry, thereby enhancing the experience of each one.)

We are very excited to finally have BarkBuilder off the ground and into beta (testing) mode. Over the next few months, both AdvancedMinistry and BarkBuilder will continue to grow and expand in its service offering. Both platforms are built off of the exact same codebase, meaning that if we make a major addition to one platform, the other benefits as well! Additionally, if we find a bug in one platform, one simple fix will cover both AdvancedMinistry and BarkBuilder.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We are very excited to see what the Lord has in store for the upcoming year!