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Flash vs. HTML 5

Posted by Ray Majoran

As a follow up to the article I posted yesterday, I read an interesting article today on CNet entitled “HTML vs. Flash: Can a turf war be avoided?” If your interested in the future of Flash and how it will affect your organization, this article is an interesting read. Here is a quote from the article:

“HTML vs. Flash has the potential to become a religious war. As long as there have been programming languages, there have been arguments about which tool is the best for getting the job done, and this issue has some extra elements that add some emotion to the mix.

There are plenty of Firefox-using open-source fans who chafe at proprietary plug-ins, and they're accustomed to making their opinions heard. Another group enjoys bashing Flash as a conduit for in-your-face online advertising. Add a little Apple iPad love-hate invective into the mix, and you've got great potential for Flash bashing...

...Indeed, it's probably wiser to take a deep breath and accept that both technologies will prevail and neither will conquer the other any time soon.”