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The Narrow Gate

Here is the third fulfilled request for an Xpiritmental wallpaper. This one was from a friend of mine and it will be interesting to talk to him and see what he thinks and if it came close to any of the ideas he may have had. This design centres on Matthew 7:13-14 where Jesus explains the difference between the wide and narrow gates and where the paths lead for those that enter them. I was about to recreate a PowerPoint slide I did last year for these verses at a larger size, but then another idea hit me. I created this large labyrinth maze as a visual for the scripture. The cool thing here is that the maze actually works, there is a solution for it. So not only will it nicely decorate your monitor but when you have some free time you can actually work on finding your way through it.

I am looking forward to comments from those that are frustrated by it and and those that are able to solve it.

Xpiritmental No. 66
The Narrow Gate
Matthew 7:13-14

Xpiritmental 66

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