How Many Lanes is Communication? - Radiant

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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Communication is a two-way street right? Well, maybe. But there's lots of times when communication becomes entirely one-sided. It occurs when one person really wants to communicate something but the other has no interest in hearing it. Companies with garbage products do this a lot...and fail. Lots of them use tactics of repetition (read annoyance) in order to make sales happen, but that doesn't build brand loyalty and as such, it's an unsustainable model.

So it's important to ask yourself: “is my audience interested in the message I'm sending?” If not, then what? Well, at that point, it's time to stop and take stock of what it is that your audience does value and reconsider how to approach them with your message. It will feel a lot like being responsible for both speaking and listening...and that's perfectly ok...right where a good communicator needs to be.