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Last night I was at home after grocery shopping with my wife and we we're putting away what we bought from the store. While we we're doing so the radio was on and there was a steady dose of news coming in regarding the earthquake that occurred on January 12th in Haiti. At that moment I had a heavy heart thinking of all the people that had lost so much and there I am in my warm, dry house surrounded by an abundance of food and my family. It's a stark contrast that really got to me at that moment. So I started thinking about what can I do to help in any way possible.

Today I designed an Xpiritmental desktop for Haiti to inspire help, love and prayer for the nation and the people there struggling through this difficult time. At the heart of this image is the principle that we all have a responsibility to participate some way in helping a nation that has been nearly destroyed in a matter of minutes. Through prayer, giving or travelling to the area to help, it is up to us to be God's hands on earth to help a nation up from ruins. It's times like this that God's love can shine the brightest.

It's easy to be comfortable in our lives and be consumed with everything that we have going on. As believers we have to realize that we are going to be called to give account with what we did and equally as important, what we didn't do. Let this wallpaper provide an incentive for you and others to all play a positive part in this situation. No matter how big or small.

Xpiritmental No. 63
For Haiti
Psalm 10:12

Xpiritmental 63

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