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New Year's Resolution

Many people look at January 1st as a fresh start. Many of those people make themselves a promise that they intend to see through for that entire year in an effort to better themselves. Sadly most of those promises are abandoned by Valentine’s day.

The point of this post is two-fold. First I want to share what my New Year’s resolution is for this year and secondly make an appeal for you to share your resolutions. I think there is value in sharing your resolution with someone else as it creates accountability. It’s easy to stop doing something or give up if no one else knew you were doing it in the first place.

This year I am quitting the fast food scene. No more burger joints, tacos or greasy chicken. For me fast food is a bit of a vice as I find it easy to eat that kind of food often. But as a guy going into my 30s and as a new parent I want to ensure I am being responsible to my family and the body God gave me.

So there you have it. Is anyone else brave enough to share their resolution? Does anyone have any success stories from resolutions they stuck to? We would love to hear them. Who knows, your story could help someone else. Maybe there is something you can resolve for this year that will directly benefit the ministry or church you work for and in that directly impact God’s kingdom.

Not all resolutions have to do with quitting smoking or losing weight. Open your mind and your heart to something that God may be asking you to do this year and see where you are after 365 days of obedience to that item. Leave a comment on this post and we hope you’re successful with this year’s new start.