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Posted by Ray Majoran

After the roller coaster ride of last year, 2009 has seen the world economy begin to turn around. And while many have been adversely affected, some of which have had to close their doors, we are so thankful to have been in a position to not only maintain our current staff, but to grow to be able to better serve our clients needs. For the team here at Electricurrent and AdvancedMinistry, 2009 held a number of important events:

Our family grew

2009 marked a year of growth as we added two programmers, Julie Exel and Walter Bax to our team. Our extended family also grew as Derek and Stephanie welcomed Lawson into the world on August 2nd, and Julie and Andrew welcomed Hailey Lynn to their family on November 13th.

The students

This past year, we've taken on a new opportunity by playing host to a few co-op students as they experienced a placement with us. Paul Mawdsley from South Secondary School joined us first and was with us from January til June, and we currently have Peter Argall from Banting Secondary School with us until end of January.

Our Marathon man

Our Creative Director, Hugh Pindur once again completed the Chicago Marathon. But this time around he shaved almost two hours off his time, coming in at a very impressive 3:19:34. Next up in 2010, he is shooting for entry into the Boston Marathon. No more M&Ms and cookies in the afternoon for Hugh.

But at this time we not only think of all memorable moments that we've experienced in 2009, we also engage the truth that we live in a time and place of great privilege while many across the world and even in our own backyard, don't even have enough to eat let alone a job to go to. And so, as we did last year, in lieu of holiday gifts, Electricurrent is once again making a donation to World Relief that will help to make a real difference in the lives of impoverished individuals across the world.??

As we all take time to reflect on this past year and spend time with our families this holiday season, we wish you all a great holiday season.??As in past years, our offices will be closed during the holidays. We will be shutting down at noon on Thursday, December 24th and returning Monday, January 4th.? For those of you on AdvancedMinistry, the AdvancedMinistry team will continue to respond to support tickets throughout the holidays. Please understand though that there may be a longer-than-expected wait time in receiving a response.

From the entire team here at Electricurrent and AdvancedMinistry, we wish you and your family Merry Christmas! To God be all glory.