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Posted by Brian Klassen

Newton said it best and we try to remember this very simple law of physics when putting into practice some of the strategies we have been hired to execute for our clients.

For example, just recently the environmental movement experienced a heavy blow when emails from some of the very scientists trying to prove the human role in environmental degradation were uncovered as revealing their doubts on what they where communicating to the general public.

Their action – hiding important information. The opposite reaction – loss of credibility.

Once again, not rocket science, and yet, by our actions we seem to think there are no consequences. When dealing with your brand, why do marketers, advertisers and brand builders not realize that inconsistencies in their brand presentation hurts the brand.

Is it really just not thought about, or are we so arrogant that we think our brand is strong enough to withstand our whimsical approach to communicating our organizations values? Either answer is bad and will damage the brand you should care so much about.

Here's some positive reinforcement: I went to McDonald's the other day with my 10-year old daughter and a bunch of her friends during a grand opening (I had no idea until I walked through the doors :-(). Although it was crazy, I did have an opportunity to sit down and talk with Ronald McDonald himself. I had no idea, but did you realize that McDonald's has hired one guy to be Ronald? He flies all over the world representing McDonald's at special events including the summer Olympics in Beijing and upcoming winter Olympics in British Columbia, Canada.

Consistency is one of the cornerstones of this incredibly successful company. Wouldn't you love to be able to put up a sign that says “billions served”?