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At Radiant, we love seeing how people use Radiant WebTools to further enhance their church or ministry. With the advancements made in Radiant WebTools 4.0, users can quickly build a mobile-compatible website that features blogs, photo galleries, videos, audio, donations, e-commerce, message boards, and more!

In this blog segment we’d like to draw your attention to Your Breath in Me, a photography-focused site created by our CEO, Ray Majoran.

Your Breath in Me was created from the Oasis Theme, found in Radiant WebTools 4.0.

Ray recently returned from a trip to India and Nepal where he was able capture God’s beauty through a lens. Check out his Radiant WebTools-powered site here: yourbreathinme.com.

Note: You can create and modify your own themes within Radiant WebTools, but if you’d prefer to hire Radiant do it for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your Breath in Me