An Award-Winning Launch - Radiant

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So a couple of pretty big things have happened on the Salvation Army front over the past year.

First, we are very pleased to formally announce the launch of the thirteen departmental websites for the ministry. These departments serve Salvationists across the Canada and Bermuda territory. The new websites brought all of those departments together by creating a similar look-and-feel, and by rolling all the sites into a single content management system (Radiant WebTools). That integration has made support easier and has allowed for easy sharing of resources between departmental sites.

You can read the full case study for this project and the positive results we’ve already seen here.

The second big thing is that we recently learned that The Canadian Church Press awarded Radiant and The Salvation Army with a first place in the General Excellence - Website category! We also received an honourable mention in the Website Redesign category.

That’s all pretty encouraging to us.

Of course, seeing objective data that indicates success for the sites is easy to get excited about, but we know the value of subjective feedback as we hear from the team members at The Salvation Army that the new sites are serving their departments well and helping them fulfill their calling. To be recognized by the Canadian Church press…well, that’s some very welcome icing on the cake.

And we’re not done yet! We’re still working with The Salvation Army on a couple of technical upgrades to the site and hope to launch a new site of the Youth department in the coming months. So you can expect to hear more from us on this project in the future!