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For years, we’ve been telling our clients that marketing and advertising are never far removed from operations. The reason being, if a company doesn’t have the right infrastructure and culture to offer excellent products or services, all you can possibly do with your advertising is to either highlight your weaknesses, or communicate inauthentically.

So recently, we asked ourselves the same question we’ve been asking our clients for years: What can we do or change, operationally, in 2018, that will allow us to do what we do better for our clients?

The answer to that type of question is almost never just one thing. But as we work to refine our processes and business realities this year, the single biggest change that we’ve committed to, and wanted to tell you about today, is that we are moving our offices to the south end of London.

We’re excited about this change because the space we’ve picked up is going to suit our team and our aspirations very well, and for most of our team (sorry Steve), it’s either a similar, or better drive into work each day.

But the biggest win is the immediate impact it will have for the many clients and vendors we have who have been driving to London from the GTA, Tri-Cities, or deep in SouthWestern Ontario, and then once they got to town, have had to drive an additional 20-30 minutes to get to our offices.

As of May 1, you’ll be able find us just off the highway at: 60 Meg Drive, Unit 3 (map below).

Note that we'll be essentially closed on Monday, April 30 as we do the final move to get set up, but available for any urgent issues.

We plan to host an official open house celebration of the new space in the coming months that you'll be welcome to join us at (details to come), but until then, it will be business as usual, or actually better, since that’s the point of our move.

We look forward to utilizing this new space to it’s fullest in our endeavour to serve you with our best effort, ideas, and implementation in 2018 and beyond.

Map of area around 60 Meg Dr Unit 3