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Since COVID-19 sideswiped us all, we've watched churches and ministries scramble to figure out how they’ll do ministry in the age of self-isolation.

We at Radiant have also been busy preparing to fulfill our mission by helping churches and ministries in new and situation-specific ways.

We've got a number of irons in the fire, but one thing we've been affirmed in as we've evaluated our next steps, is how the core tenets of good communication haven't changed. In fact, their need has only been amplified.

Over the last number of days, we've been publishing a series of videos called, 19 Communications Tips For Unprecedented Times. These quick, easily digestible videos will touch on key elements of a successful communications strategy because we know they can help you as you navigate the uncharted waters ahead.

Come back every weekday for a new hint!

Hint #8: Pick the right people.

Hint #7: Clearly articulate.

Hint #6: Challenge people.

Hint #5: Be interesting.

Hint #4: Be on purpose... On purpose.

Hint #3: Don't just say it. Do it!!

Hint #2: Listen

Hint #1: Communicate