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So a couple of pretty big things have happened on the Salvation Army front over the past year:

First, we launched thirteen departmental websites for the ministry. 

Second, we've been recognized for that work with a couple of awards!

For years, we’ve been telling our clients that marketing and advertising are never far removed from operations. The reason being, if a company doesn’t have the right infrastructure and culture to offer excellent products or services, all you can possibly do with your advertising is to either highlight your weaknesses, or communicate
They say the third time’s a charm, but that presumes that the first two times didn’t go smoothly, which has not at all been our experience with Camino Global. In fact, each project that they have entrusted to us (2006 - Website & CMS, 2011 - Rebrand w/ Website) has been an absolute pleasure and a resounding success, serving the
Back in April of 2007, we launched our 87th desktop wallpaper titled, 3 Days. Over the years, we’ve had many requests by churches and ministries to use the wallpaper for their worship slides, bulletins and other media.

Up In Smoke

Smoke detectors save lives. They are the early warning system that everyone should have in their house to alert them to the fact that there is a threat. Because, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. These days, Big Tobacco is playing the part of a smoke detector for your organization because there’s definitely smoke to report on - literally and figuratively - and with it comes a flame that could threaten your organization.

The Work of Giants

Advertising is, in part, an art of persuasion - awakening people to a personal reason to choose one product or service over another. But while advertisers help other's peddle their wares, they also have to 'sell' themselves to get firms to choose them. Unfortunately, the side effect of advertisers advertising has been the development of unrealistic expectations of what agencies actually offer on a day-to-day basis.
A few months ago, we had the privilege of announcing that we had partnered with The Salvation Army to help them discuss and define their technology needs as they attempt to communicate via the web to their internal audiences. Today, the story continues and we're excited to tell you about it...
Last Friday, a number of our team had the opportunity to spend the day at Leadercast Live, the largest one-day leadership event in the world. And today, a few members of our team have shared some of their key takeaways.