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You might not realize it, but you’re an expert.

No one has ever faced a situation like this before. Seriously. Never.

Since COVID-19 sideswiped us all, we've watched churches and ministries scramble to figure out how they’ll do ministry in the age of self-isolation.
We at Radiant have also been busy preparing to fulfill our mission by helping churches and ministries in new and situation-specific ways.
We recognize these are challenging times for all churches and ministries. To assist with private communication, we are releasing our Communities module to all of our (paying) members on Radiant WebTools.
Radiant WebTools is heading in a new, exciting direction to serve our clients better, and we wanted to reach out to explain the changes. Since we started this service back in 2002, the needs of churches and ministries have certainly changed! Over the last number of years, two specific observations caught our attention...

An Award-Winning Launch

So a couple of pretty big things have happened on the Salvation Army front over the past year:

First, we launched thirteen departmental websites for the ministry. 

Second, we've been recognized for that work with a couple of awards!

For years, we’ve been telling our clients that marketing and advertising are never far removed from operations. The reason being, if a company doesn’t have the right infrastructure and culture to offer excellent products or services, all you can possibly do with your advertising is to either highlight your weaknesses, or communicate
They say the third time’s a charm, but that presumes that the first two times didn’t go smoothly, which has not at all been our experience with Camino Global. In fact, each project that they have entrusted to us (2006 - Website & CMS, 2011 - Rebrand w/ Website) has been an absolute pleasure and a resounding success, serving the
Back in April of 2007, we launched our 87th desktop wallpaper titled, 3 Days. Over the years, we’ve had many requests by churches and ministries to use the wallpaper for their worship slides, bulletins and other media.